Island Seal Necklace (Tonga Coat Of Harms)


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The three swords represent the three dynasties or lines of the kings of Tonga ( , namely the Tuʻi Tonga ( , Tuʻi Haʻatakalaua ( and the current Tuʻi Kanokupolu ( ). Tonga was united under King Siaosi Tupou I ( , who then orchestrated the formation of the first formal government and also the coat of arms. The dove ( with the olive ( branch symbolises the wish of God’s peace ( to reign in Tonga forever (the dove and olive branch are taken from the story of Noah ( and the Great Flood ( in the Bible). The three stars symbolise the main island groups of Tonga, which are Tongatapu ( , Vavaʻu ( and Haʻapai ( . The Crown symbolises the ruling monarchy, the King of Tonga. The text on the scroll ( at the bottom reads Ko e ʻOtua mo Tonga ko hoku Tofiʻa in the Tongan language ( : ‘God and Tonga are my inheritance’.

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